हमारी भूली बिसरी टांकरी

Date: 24 Oct 2016  
टांकरी लिपि, पहाड़ी भाषा समेत उत्तर भारत की कई भाषाओँ को लिखने के लिए प्रयोग की जाने वाली लिपि. एक ज़माने में कुल्लू से लेकर रावलपिंडी तक हर तरह के पढने लिखने का काम टांकरी लिपि में ही किया जाता था. आज भी पुराने राजस्व रिकॉर्ड, पुराने मंदिर की घंटियों या पुराने किसी बर्तन में टांकरी में लिखे शब्द देखे जा सकते हैं....See More

International Shivratri Fair Mandi(2016)-The Beginning

Date: 07 Mar 2016  
With all the reverberation of Drums, Nagadas, Karnals and Shehnais , the International Shivratri Fair has starting breathing. Mandi town, the district headquarter of district – Mandi, Himachal Pradesh (India) hosts the 7 day International Shivratri fair every year....See More

Hear What people say Mr. Chief Minister

Date: 01 Mar 2016  

An Open letter to CM of Himachal Pradesh on India Pak Match row at Dharamshala

...See More

In Lahaul Reborn as a traveller

Date: 01 Feb 2016  
My first visit to Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh was in 2009 and it changed dimensions of word "travel" in my mind. Post my senior secondary board exams bunch of besties from school planned an expedition to Thach in vicinity of Keylong. We started early morning in good season with camping stuff and eatables sufficient to spend a night beneath the stars away from school and family melodrama....See More

No Tableau from Himachal on Republic Day Parade this time too

Date: 27 Jan 2016  
The Tableau of Himachal Pradesh yet again failed to impress defense personnels to be selected for participation in Republic Day Parade on Rajpath....See More

Spiti-Buddha does exist

Date: 22 Jan 2016  
My travel diary unveils yet another hitchhiking experience I had in Spiti valley....See More

Sural-Bhatori in Pangi Valley

Date: 13 Nov 2015  
If life is going easy and everything is perfect you are definitely missing some real adventures. I can well recapitulate my abrupt plan to visit Chamba to see my friend Nitish who had been deputed to State Bank of India Pangi branch....See More

With perseverance Kailash too is an easy errand

Date: 04 Oct 2015  
Shrikhand mahadev is a heavenly himalayan hike which gives 360 degree panoramic view in abode of lord Shiva. It is one of five Kailash namely Kailash mansarovar (Tibet), Manimahesh (Chamba H.P.), Adi Kailash (Uttarakhand) and Kinner kailash (Kinnaur H.P.)...See More

Famous Temples of Himachal Pradesh

Date: 27 Jul 2015  
Himachal Pradesh is called the 'Abode of the Gods' or 'Dev Bhumi'. Himachal is the home of hundreds of Gods, Goddesss and Deities. Thousands of devotees visit these temples every year. The temples also attract the visitor by their art and craft. Some of these temples are built in traditional styles. The famous temples of Himachal Pradesh are....See More

Some famous personalities of Himachal (Himachal ke Gaurav)

Date: 18 Jun 2015  
As much himachal attracts world thru its beauty , nature and culture, its people has also left prints on differents platforms of fame. Here are few glimpses of some popular personalities of Himachal Pradesh....See More