mandi, himachal Pradesh
Mandi , a himalayan town on the banks of the River Beas is surrounded by the high hill ranges of Gandharv Hills, Motipur Dhar, Rehra Dhar and Tarna Hill. Mandi is one of the central district of himachal pradesh. It is also known as 'Chhoti Kashi' as there are 81 ancient old stone Shaivite temple with fine carving. Pancha Bhakhtra, Bhootnath temple and Maha Mrityunjaya Temple are some famous stone carved temples. Tarna Devi Temple, Bhimakali temple and Gurudwara are other well known pilgrimages. Shivratri is the international recognised fair celebrated in Paddal Ground of Mandi town on the occasion of Shivratri.

Victoria Bridge built on Beas has the historical importance. It is a suspension bridge built in 1877. Indira market complex is only one of its kind in the state. Parashar Lake and Rewalsar Lakes and Barot are the nearest Tourist places from the town.

People of Mandi are popularly known as 'Mandyals'. Mandyali is the language commonly spoken by the inhabitants of Mandi.

The town is an important commercial hub of the state. It is major transit route to Kullu Manali and is the intersection of two national highways, NH-21 (Chandigarh- Manali) and NH-154 (Pathankot-Mandi). Mandi-Nerchowk-Sundernagar is the emerging township in the district. Nerchowk is the one of the biggest trade center in the state. It is very well known for automobile showrooms.

After the establishment of IIT, a govt engineering college, few private engineering colleges and an ESIC medical college, mandi has emerged as the education hub of the state.

Shanan Power House is the oldest hydropower station of Himachal Pradesh built in 1896. Also Pandoh Dam and BBMB reservoir in Sundernagar store water for Dehar Power plant in Slapper.

Gumma and Drang areas in district Mandi contains the Natural Salt(Rock Salt) mines.

History at a Glance

"Mandi" formerly known as "Mandavya Nagar" got this name from Great Sage Rishi 'Mandav' who prayed in this area . Ajbar Sen, then ruler of Mandi Province founded the historical city of Mandi in 1526 AD. The present District of Mandi was formed with the merger of two princely states Mandi and Suket on the 15 April 1948, when the State of Himachal Pradesh came into existence.

Before independence the state of Mandi and Suket were ruled by Sen family. Jogindra Sen was the last ruler of Mandi state.

mandi, himachal Pradesh

Geography and Climate

Mandi is located in 31o72'N latitude and 76o92'E longitude. It has an average elevation of 1044 metres (3,425 feet). It lies on the Mid Himalayan ranges. Most of the part of the district is hilly except Balh and Chauntra Areas.

Dhauladhar, Ghoghar Dhar, Sikander Dhar Dhar vairkot are the hill ranges in the district. Bhubu Jot(Pass) connects the Chauhar Valley of Mandi to the Lag valley of Kullu District. Beas, Satluj, Suketi and Uhal are the rivers of which pass through Mandi district.

The climate of Mandi is having little bit hot summers as compared to the upper parts of the state and cold winters. Mandi generally experiences rainfalls during end of summer season. Chauhar Valley, Badar, Seraj and Sonar areas also experience heavy snowfall in the winters. Mandi district falls in the lowermost climatic zone of the Himalayas. These regions enjoys a Wet-sub temperate climate of the foot hills (450-900m) as against the Dry-cold alpine climate with snow fall at higher altitudes (2400- 4800mts). Temperatures typically range from 6.7 C (44.06 F) to 39.6 C (103.28 F) over the course of a year.

Fact Sheet

  • Area: 3950 km2
  • Population: 9,99,518
  • Literacy Rate: 82.81%
  • Language: Hindi, English, Pahari and Mandyali
  • Tehsils (10): Mandi, Chachyot, Thunag, Karsog, Jogindernagar, Padhar, Ladbharol, Sundernagar, Sarkaghat, balh
  • Sub-Tehsils (8): Bali Chowki, Sandhol, Kotli, Baldwada, Aut, Nihri, Dharampur, Tikken
  • Sub divisions (7): Mandi, Chachyot, Jogindernagar, Padhar, Sarkaghat, Karsog and Sundernagar
  • Assembly Constituencies (10): Sadar, Balh, Sunder Nagar,Nachan, Karsog, Chachyot, Drang, Joginder Nagar, Sarkaghat and Dharampur.

Tourist Places in Mandi