Deot Sidh

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Deothsidh meaning "Light of Truth" is a cave temple shrine, on Dhaulagiri hill in Hamirpur where devotees have been keeping alive a sacred fire for over five centuries.

This famous pilgrim is dedicated to a saint Baba Balaknath, a deified ascetic of ancient times. A shikhar style temple is at the caves entrance. Nearby at Mathsthal are samadhis of Baba Balaknath's gurus belonging from Giri clan of sadhus.

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Hamirpur and Bilaspur are nearby famous towns.

How to reach?

Deothsidh is 56 km from Hamirpur, 172 km from Chandigarh via Bilaspur and 37 km from Bilaspur. Shahtalai at the base of this hill cave shrines is 10 km from Deothsidh.

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