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Keylong situated at an altitude of 3350 m among the white and brown mountain, is the headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti district. It is located at the intersection of Chandra Valley, Bhaga Valley, and Chenab Valley on the banks of Bhaga River.

Valley, river, mountains and green landscape makes Keylong picturesque destination. In Keylong there are several places, temples, monasteries and bazaar which are worth visiting. Some of the places which attract tourist include Gondla for ancient fort, Sissu for Siberian wild geese and duck during spring and autumn, Triloknath temple sacred destination for both Hindus and Buddhist.

Kardang Monastery, one of the largest monasteries in Lahaul Spiti is situated on a slope across the river in Keylong.

The route to Lahaul valley takes a traveler over Rohtang Pass (3980 ml), Koksar, Sissu, Gondla and crossing the river Chandra Bhaga at Tandi and then comes the keylong. Travelling on this route turn out to be the adventurous road expedition as its own.

Due to heavy snowfall in winter it remain cut from other parts of Himachal. The life in winter slowed down but never stands still. Keylong can be reached once the snow from Rohtang Pass is cleared by BRO anytime in month of April and gte closed in late october or November.

Circuit House, a PWD Rest House, a Sainik (Army) Rest House, a Tourist Bungalow, and a number of small hotels are the places to stay here.

Weather and Climate

There is little or no rain in monsoons. The climate remains dry. The days are hot and nights are extremely cold. Summers are pleasant. May June is the best time to visit Keylong. Winters are extremely cold. temperature usually remains below freezing point.

Places And Activities

TANDI (2573m) :8 km, short of Keylong, on the Manali - LehRaod, situated on the confluence of Chandra &Bhaga rivers. Last point to tank up if traveling north of Keylong as it has the last fuel station on this stretch.

SISSU (3100m) :On the bank of Chandra, 15 km from Koksar, every spring and autumn wild geese and ducks halt here on their way to and from Siberia.

GONDLA (3110m) :18 km from Keylong on the right bank of river Chandra. Famous for ancient Fort.

UDAIPUR (2523m) :53 km from Keylong, home of the Mrikula Devi Temple, which is famous for wood carvings.

TRILOKNATH (2660m) :4 km from Udaipur famous for Triloknath temple. Sacred both for HIndu and Buddhist.

MONASTERIES :Lahaul is well known for its monasteries, locally called Gompas, which are great repositories of Buddhist faith and art treasures. These are Kardang - 5 km, Shasur - 3 km, Guru Ghantal - 8 km, Tayul - 6 km, Gemur - 18 km

How to reach?

By road the distance is 115 km from Manali, 188 km from Kaza, 373 km from Leh, 435 km from Chandigarh and 690 km from Delhi. Heavy winter snows cut off road connectivity to the region at Rohtang Pass for six months from November to June. Buses, Taxis are available from Manali in season. HPTDC also plies regular coaches to Leh via Keylong during July - September. Nearest airport is Bhunter, 175 km from Keylong.

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