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Naggar is situated on the left bank of river Beas at an altitude of 1851 m. Naggar is an ancient town with extensive views, especially to the North West of the valley. Today this ancient and beautiful Palace is a popular tourist spot.

Naggar was the former capital of Kullu until the capital was transferred to Sultanpur (Kullu) by Jagat Singh in 1460 A.D.

The Naggar Castle is a magnificent historical edifice in the Naggar. This castle is now converted into a heritage hotel. Made of stone and wood, this palace was built in AD 1460 in an impressive amalgamation of European and Himalayan architecture.

Other attraction of Naggar is the Roerich Art gallery, which houses numbers of rare paintings and other specimen of art made by Prof. Nicholas Roerich.

Being very close to Manali a large number of tourists visit Naggar. There are also option for Camping in Naggar. Accommodation: There are many hotels in Naggar for accommodation.

Weather and Climate

Weather remain cold throughout the year in Naggar. Temperature remains below 30°C in summer and 0-10°C in winter,

Places And Activities

JAGATIPATT TEMPLE : In the upper courtyard of the castle there is a small temple - a small square structure which contains "Jagtipatt" a slab of stone which is said to have been brought from a place near Vashisht by honey bee. This is also place for meeting of local deities of Kullu.

TRIPURA SUNDRI TEMPLE :This pagoda shaped wooden temple is situated in the upper part of the village.

NICHOLAS ROERICH ART GALLERY :Prof. Nicholas Roerich, a reputed artist had chosen Naggar as his residence when he came to India in 1929. The house has now been converted in an art gallery which houses numbers of rare paintings and other specimen of art.

GAURI SHANKAR TEMPLE :Below the Castle is the Gauri Shankar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is a charming example of architecture and carving of its particular period. Now it is a protected monument with heritage status.

How to reach?

By road Kullu is 26 km and Manali is 21 km. The airport is at Bhunter (Kullu) 36 km.

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