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Manikaran is located in district Kullu at an altitude of 1737m in Parbati Valley, on the bank of river Parbati. This place is very famous for hot water springs. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit the place every year.

There is a Gurudwara(Manikaran Sahib) and number of Hindu temples including that of Rama and Shiva here. This place is a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Sikhs. This place is an example of religious harmony. All the visitors visit both the Gurudwara and temple irrespective of their religion.

Visitor also come here to take a dip in hot sulfured water. The water of the spring has some natural remedial elements and is very helpful in curing many skin diseases.

There are separate legends of Hindus and Sikhs on Hot water springs. A Langar is served at the Gurudwara everyday. Budget accommodation can be easily available here.

Weather and Climate

Manikaran has a pleasant climate like other places of Kullu. In summer temperature ranges from 10-20°C. Due to snowfall and cold breeze temperature in winters goes below 0°C and goes upto 10°C. April to October is the best time to visit.

Places And Activities

PULGA :Pulga is a challenging trek of 18km from Manikaran and climb of a nearly 1600 meters.

Tosh: In recent time tosh village has become very popular destination for nature lover who wants to enjoy some time in peace.

KHIRGANGA :This place is also known for its hot water springs. It is a very good destination for trekking. Another 2 Km from Khirganga lies Mantalai which is a scenic spot. Kheer ganga has become a very common trekking route especially among the youth.

CHANDRAKHANI PASS :It lies east of Katrain. After a stiff climb from Kasol, the whole area looks wonderfully striking and colourful when the flowers blossom.

MALANA VILLAGE:Beyond the beautiful Chandra Khani Pass lies an unique village Malana,known to be the world's oldest democracy, is famous for its distinct culture and the temple of Jamludevta.

SHOJA (69 km) : Shoja provides an scenic view of snow peaks and valleys, meadows and forests, rivers and streams. Bifurcating from Aut from the Highway, Shoja is just 5 km short from Jallori Pass. Another 5 km ahead is the Sarolsar Lake among deep forest. The road further to JallorI Pass connects to Rampur, Narkanda and Shimla via Ani and Luhri.

How to reach?

Manikaran is 45 km from Kullu via Bhunter and 85 km from Manali. The road bifurcates at Bhunter 10 km short from Kullu via Jari and Kasol. The airport at Bhunter (Kullu) is at a distance of 35 km.

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