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The historic town of Paonta Sahib (350m) was founded by the Tenth Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh. When only 16 years old, the Guru left Anandpur Sahib and on the invitation of Raja Maidini Prakash of Sirmour, lived at this beautiful spot for over four years.

Paonta sahib holds importance to both Hindu and Sikh religions, as there are many Gurudwara's and temples.
Gurudwara Paonta Sahib was the home of Guru Gobind Singh ji for over four years and here he wrote the Dasam Granth.

Within its precincts are the Sri Talab Asthan where he disbursed salaries and the Sri Dastar Asthan where he judged the turban tying competitions. At the Kavi Darbar Asthan, poetic symposia were held. There is also a memorial to sage Kalpi and a museum that displays pens and weapons of the period among other artefacts.

It is surrounded by sal forest and is located on the banks of river Yamuna. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit the place to seek blessings.

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YAMUNA TEMPLE :This ancient shrine is immediately below the gurudwara and is dedicated to the goddess Yamuna.

GURUDWARA TIRGARH SAHIB (22 km) :This is built on the hillock from where Guru Gobind Singh shot arrows at the enemy.

GURUDWARA BHANGANI SAHIB (23 km) :This commemorates Guru Gobind Singhs first battle when he defeated Raja Fateh Sahib and his allies.

SHIVA TEMPLE, PATLIAN (4.5 km) :Surrounded by fields and sal trees, the linga in this temple is supposed to be steadily increasing in size.

SHRINE OF BABA GARIB NATH (8 km) :Located in a sal forest and with an excellent view of the area, the shrine is revered by childless women.

RAM TEMPLE : Temple is located near the Yamuna bridge. With exquisite marble work built in 1889 in the memory of Raja Partap Chand of Kangra by his wife who originally belonged to Sirmour. The KirpalDassGurudwara is just part of the temple.

How to reach?

Paonta Sahib is connected by road. From Renukaji. It is 81 km via Nahan and 60 km via Rajban. From Dehradun, it is 44 km. The closest railheads are at Ambala and Dehradun. The nearest airports are at Chandigarh and Dehradun. Taxis/buses are available for Paonta Sahib at all places.

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