Kinnaur district is situated in the north-east corner of Himachal Pradesh. The district headquarter is situated at Reckong Peo town. It is the second least populated district of the state. It is surrounded by the Tibet in the east and state capital Shimla.

kinnaur, himachal Pradesh
It has high mountain ranges, Zanskar and Dhauladhar enclose valleys of Sutlej, Spiti and Baspa. The slopes are covered with Thick wood, orchards and picturesque hamlets. The Hindustan Tibet road passes through the Kinnaur valley along the bank of river Sutlej.

It is not only the scenic beauty of Kinnaur which appeals to the young and old alike but also the life styles of the people, their culture, heritage, customs and traditions. People of Kinnaur follow Hinduism and Buddhism. Kinnauri is the major spoken language here. Kinnauri People usually prefer to wear traditional dresses.

Sangla valley is a must visit place for the admirer of the nature. Kinnar Kailash, considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva is a main attraction for the trekkers and Hindu Devotees. This beautiful trekking routes includes the 'Parikrama of Kinner Kailash'. The Beautiful Nako lake and three famous wild life sanctuaries are also situated in the district.
kinnaur, himachal Pradesh
kinnaur is famous for production of apples, chilgoza, Apricots, Almonds, Walnuts, Pears, Grapes, Figs, Kiwi fruit and other dry fruits. Apple of Kinnaur is considered the best in Himachal Pradesh. It usually comes late in the market in the minths of September October.


The district was once a part of the former Mahasu district and was known as Chini tehsil. Kinnaur came into being as an district on 1st May, 1960. Prior to merger of State on the eve of independence, Kinnaur valley was a part of erstwhile Bushahr State which had its headquarters at Rampur.


Kinnaur is situated between 77° 45' and 79° 00' 35'' East Longitude and 31° 05' 50'' and 32° 05' 15'' North Latitude. Average elavation ranges from 2350m to 6816m above sea level. Satluj, Spiti & Baspa are the main rivers of the district. Kinnaur is bounded by Lahaul Spiti in North-west, Shimla in South-west, Tibet in east and Uttarakhand in South.

The maximum temperature in the summer goes upto 25°C while the winter is very cold with temperatue below freezing point upto -6°C.

Fact Sheet

  • Area: 4,583 sq km
  • Population: 84.298
  • Literacy Rate: 80.77%
  • Language: Hindi, Kinnauri
  • Sub-divisions(4): Pooh, Kalpa, Nichar
  • Tehsils(5): Sangla,Pooh,Nichar,Moorang,Kalpa
  • Sub-Tehsils(1): Yangthang