Sirmour is the most south-eastern district of Himachal Pradesh. District headquarter of Sirmaur is at Nahan. It lies in the outer Himalayas, commonly known as 'Shivaliks'.It is largly mountainous except 'Dun Valley' which is known as 'Kyar-Da-Doon'.

sirmaur, himachal Pradesh
The most of the population is rural. Agriculture is the backbone of economy here, Sirmour is also known for good quality of peach that come from Rajgarh. Rajgarh is also known as peach bowl.

The Giri river divides the district into two parts Giripar and Giriwar. Giri, Yamuna, Tons and Ghaggar are the main rivers of the district. Chur Dhar and Haripur Dhar are the famous trekking destinations. Renuka ji is a famous tourist and religious place in the district.

YS Parmar University of horticulture and forestry is situated at Nauni.


Sirmaur was an princely state, founded in about 1090 by Raja Rasaloo of Jaisalmer. Sirmaur name was given after one of the ancestor of the Raja Rasaloo. During Independence war Praja Mandal established in the state played the prominent role in mobilizing public opinion against the British India Government. After the independence the state was merged in the Union of India and became the part of Himachal Pradesh.


Sirmaur is situated between 77 01'12" to 7749'40" East longitude and 3022'30" to 3101'20" North lattitude. It is bounded by Shimla and Solan Districts in North and North-west respectively. It also share border with Uttarakhand, Utter Pradesh and Haryana.

Fact Sheet

  • Area: 2247 sq km
  • Population: 5,29,855
  • Literacy Rate: 78.8%%
  • Language: Hindi, Pahari, Sirmauri
  • Tehsils(6): Nahan, Paonta Sahib, Pachhad, Shillai, Sangrah, Rajgarh
  • Sub-Tehsils(7): Dadahu, Nohra, Kamrau, Ronhat, Narag, Pajhota,Haripurdhar
  • Sub divisions(5): Nahan, Paonta Sahib, Rajgarh, Sangrah, Shillai